Last Minute Halloween Crafts

Spooky Candy Bars

You will need candy bars, white crepe paper strips, black construction paper, googly eyes, and tape or glue. For the mummy: Glue two googly eyes at the top of the candy bar, and wrap a white crepe-paper strip around it. Seal down on the back with tape.

For the bat: Cut out the shape of a bat from construction paper wide enough to hold a candy bar inside. Glue the bat shape to the back of a candy bar, wrap the wings of the bat around the candy bar, and seal with tape. Stick two googly eyes on the face of the bat to complete your bat.


You will need clean empty jars, orange and white crepe paper or tissue paper, glue, black construction paper, and LED flicker candles. Cut or tear the crepe paper into pieces. Coat the outside of the glass jar with glue, take the pieces of crepe paper, and stick them onto the jar.

Once it’s covered with bits of paper, glaze on another coat of glue, and let dry. Cut the jack-o-lanterns’ and ghosts’ eyes, nose and mouths out of black construction paper and glue them to the front of the jar. Put a LED flicker candle inside to finish it off.