Living AIDS Memorial Garden

LiliesAt the corner of Washington Street East and Sidney Avenue is a living memory of those who have died of AIDS. The Living AIDS Memorial Garden aims to be a place where people who have lost loved ones to the disease, or those living with AIDS can reflect and find peace.

The garden was founded by L. Bruce Severino, Carl B. Maxwell and Jeffrey Brooks Huff in April 1998. With the aid of horticultural consultants, Tim Cook and John Long, the garden features two flower gardens (wildflower and roses), joined by a winding brick walkway. Two granite boulders bearing bronze plaques are included in the garden; one at the entrance, the other at the center of the garden.

Each red brick in the walkway are imprinted to reflect a donor’s wish. Special tan bricks are also available for the Wildflower Garden and the Rose Garden.

The Living AIDS Memorial Garden, Inc.
Post Office Box 11704
Charleston, West Virginia 25339
Phone: 304-346-0246