Manna Meals: Also for the working poor

pasta-salad-and-pork-chopManna Meal has served more than 2 million meals since it opened its doors in 1976.

Charleston’s largest soup kitchen is located on Quarrier Street, inside St. John’s Episcopal Church. Established mainly to serve meals to the homeless, Manna Meals has now started feeding low-income individuals, recently unemployed, or anyone who have no other means to get sustenance. Many of their recent visitors are workers, who need a little help to get by until their next paycheck.

Manna Meals serves breakfast (8 am – 9 am) and lunch (11:30 am to 1 pm, Monday to Saturday, 12:30 pm to 2 pm on Sundays). It costs the organization around $750,000 to operate and feed the needy for one year. Most of the funds used come from financial contributions, and about a third come from in-kind food donations.

Contributions and volunteers are welcomed year-round. To inquire about you can help, call Manna Meals at (304) 345-7121, or email Camellia Snover regarding volunteering at For more information about Manna Meals, visit their website at