Driving on the Midland Trail

driveCharleston is located strategically at the the heart of the Midland Trail. If you’re plying the US Route 60 in West Virginia, chances are, you’ll pass through the city. But whether you’re staying in Charleston or just passing through, you’re sure to enjoy the magnificent sites in one of the country’s scenic drives.

Midland Trail Scenic Highway Association has come up with a few driving routes on the I-60, passing through West Virginia’s lush landscape. The route takes you through both natural and man-made attractions, appealing to both nature lovers and adventure seekers. The Association’s website has all the guides and details you need for planning this scenics drive. For more information and to request for the destination guide, visit www.midlandtrail.com.

Midland Trail Scenic Highway Association
237 Capitol Street, Charleston, WV 25301
Phone: (304) 343-6001
Fax: (304)344-2210
Website: www.midlandtrail.com