Mountaineer Montessori School

Doing homeworkMountaineer Montessori believes in each individual’s unique human potential. In the school, diversity is celebrated, and learning is cultivated to become a lifelong passion. Following the practices and principles of Dr. Maria Montessori, the child is the center of learning. Mountaineer Montessori School has a relatively low student population, which results to a great teacher-student ratio.

Mountaineer Montessori’s programs are:

  • viewing the responsibility for education as being a partnership between the students, teachers and parents
  • accepting that children learn in many different ways
  • acknowledging that children learn because they are interested, have creative imaginations, and possess the innate desire to become competent
  • recognizing that the teacher’s role is to inspire, mentor, and facilitate the learning process
  • providing educational experiences that cultivate the child’s sense of independence, self-respect, and love of peace; and preparing aesthetic classrooms the meet the needs, interests and abilities of the children.

The school offers a Primary program for children ages 3 to 6, and an elementary program for children ages 6 to 12. The primary program puts an emphasis on practical life activities, sensorial exercises, language development, numbers and mathematics, while activities in art, nature, science and geography enhances the learning experience. In the elementary program, students learn about reading, writing, grammar, speaking, mathematics, culture, history, science, geography, art, physical education, music, foreign language and technology.

Mountaineer Montessori School
308 20th Street Se
Charleston, WV, 25304-0253
Phone: (304)342-7870