Murals around Charleston

One of the things you may notice about Charleston when you drive around the city are the colorful murals on the streets.

Here are three murals that you can see around Charleston:

Out and About, Charleston WV

The Out and About Mural by artist Rob Cleland was painted in 2006. You can see it on the East End on the corner of Washington Street and Elizabeth Street across the Bluegrass Cafe

Bart Davies, a Fine Arts graduate from Penn State, incorporated the building’s actual windows into this faux Victorian mural found at the back of the historic One Bridge Place. The building, which was specially built for a leading wholesale grocery company when Charleston was major distribution center, has been renovated for office rentals. It is located at the end of the South Side Bridge. One Bridge Place currently houses the City National Bank.

Brawley Walkway Mural

This mural can be seen at the Brawley Walkway across from Taylor Books and Ellen’s Ice Cream. It’s located between Capitol Street and Summer Street.