Places to see in Charleston

Should you ever find yourself in Charleston, do not fret because there are plenty of activities and attractions in this city of 50,000. The capitol city of West Virginia has a wealth of landmarks, architecture and natural resources that appeals to all kinds of travelers of all ages.

If you have limited time to spend in the city, here are the top six places you should see in Charleston:
West Virginia State Capitol
The stately building is Charleston’s top tourist attraction, with its elegant architecture and golden dome. The seat of West Virginia’s government, this classical structure lies on the banks of the Kanawha River.

State Capitol Complex
Other state office buildings are built around the State Capitol, amidst a beautifully landscaped garden. Numerous fountains and several statues dot the grounds. Among the statues around the complex are of Stonewall Jackson, Booker T. Washington, Union Soldier, Union Mountaineer and Abraham Lincoln.

West Virginia Veterans Memorial Plaza
Four monoliths stand on State Capitol grounds, in memory of the soldiers who has served in World War I, World War II, Korean and Vietnam wars. Names of the fallen soldiers are displayed in the structures.

Governor’s Mansion
This elegant structure serves as the residence of West Virginia’s incumbent governor. The ground floor features state rooms, while the second floor serves as the Governor and his family’s living quarters.

West Virginia Power
A trip to Charleston is not complete without watching the West Virginia Power in action. This well loved baseball team plays an average of 70 home games in a season.

Charleston Civic Center
There’s never a dull moment in Charleston, as the Civic center hosts year-round entertainment, convention, exhibition and sporting events.

Charleston Town Center Mall
One of the biggest downtown enclosed shopping malls, the Charleston Town Center Mall houses over 100 specialty stores, three major department stores, picnic place and specialty restaurants.

Clay Center for the Arts & Sciences
One of the most ambitious cultural and educational undertakings in West Virginia, the Clay Center aims to serve the arts, sciences and technology by bringing together dance, music and theatre performances, art exhibits and educational programs.