RCCR Beans & Cornbread Dinner

The annual fundraising dinner of the Religious Coalition for Community Renewal will be held on Thursday, November 15, 2012. Called the RCCR Beans & Cornbread Dinner, it will feature tapas-style meals prepared by chefs from the Bridge Road Bistro, Edgewood Country Club, and Beans & Cornbread’s own Margaret Eaton.

The menu will feature unique dishes made with legumes, grains, root vegetables and fresh greens. Tickets are going for $60 per person, 90% of which is tax deductible. Proceeds from this dinner will go towardss the RCCR’s Samaritan House.

The dinner will be held at the Baptist Temple at 6pm. For inquiries and tickets, call (304) 346-6398 or visit www.rccr.org.