Read Aloud West Virginia

readingRead Aloud West Virginia is a project started by a group of Kanawha County parents, want to help raise a state full of readers. The organization has been granted the two-year Benedum grant during its 20th anniversary to start or expand the program in the counties of West Virginia.

Among its programs are the Volunteer Readers program, wherein Read Aloud volunteers are recruited and trained for sharing their love of literature and knowledge by reading to children in classrooms, day-care centers and after-school programs.

There’s also the Reader Roundup program, wherein Read Aloud hands out age-appropriate books, library application, Read Aloud pamphlet and recommended reading list to children registering for kindergarten in Kanawha country. This is an effort to introduce children and their parents to the Read Aloud project and to spread awareness in the importance of reading to their children.

Food for Thought is another Read Aloud project. This project’s aim is to encourage children to invest in books by selling new books for only $1 — the same price of a snack. This program is initiated in schools where there’s a higher ratio of low-income students. Each school receive 10 copies of 50 titles, and schools reimburse Read Aloud $250 to use towards the following year’s program.

Parties interested in helping the project can do so by becoming a Read Aloud Reader or donating to the organization to buy books to give out during kindergarten registration. For more information, call (304) 345-5212 or email

Read Aloud West Virginia
P.O. Box 1784, Charleston, WV 25326
Phone: (304) 345-5212