Spirit Sanctuary

sanctuaryLocated in Meadow Bridge, the Spirit Sanctuary is well worth the hour and a half drive from Charleston, West Virginia. It is indeed a mountain oasis, as they proudly proclaim. With spectacular mountain views atop the Irish Mountain, Spirit Sanctuary is the ideal venue for group development activities, family rejuvenation, healing or spiritual conferences or holistic retreats.

Started in 1990, it is owned and developed by an African American. What started as a single glass house is now has multiple buildings spread on a 120 acre property. There are facilities for accommodation, recreation, dining hall, tree house and multi-purpose halls. Guest can enjoy outdoor recreations such as white water rafting and wilderness camping. Likewise, there are healing springs, golf courses and a drive-in theatre, located within 30 minutes from the property.

The Spirit Sanctuary chares $70 per night for individuals. Groups can avail of a group rate that can go for as low as $110 including meals.

Spirit Sanctuary
PO Box 428, Meadow Bridge, WV 25965
Website: www.spiritsanctuary.com