Spring Hill Cemetery Park

tombOverlooking Charleston, Spring Hill Cemetery Park is an active cemetery that allows you to reflect and enjoy nature.

Built in 1869, the land’s civil engineer, A.J. Vosburg, designed an area in the cemetery called the Old circle, wherein he incorporated beautiful geometric patterns for the walkways typical of the Victorian era. From a small plot of land in the valley, it has grown into a 150-acre complex, one of West Virginia’s largest cemeteries. Its unmatched views of the Capitol’s golden dome made it a favorite spot for recreation. In 1998, the Spring Hill Cemetery has been formally changed to the Spring Hill Cemetery Park.

New sections of the cemetery as been opened to the public, and it’s now a favorite place for locals to walk and enjoy nature. Bird watchers also revels in the birding activity in the area, and the park also serves as an outdoor classroom for classes that visit often.

History buffs are sure to love visiting the cemetery, as it’s the resting place of many key figure in the history and development of West Virginia. It is home to notable Civil war personalities from both blue and grey regiments. The cemetery also features impressive monuments, spectacularly designed mausoleums, Art Deco style crypts and a variety of obelisks.

Spring Hill Cemetery Park
1555 Farnsworth Drive
Charleston, WV 25301
Phone: (304) 348-8010
Fax: (304) 348-6406
Website: www.cityofcharleston.org/springhill.htm

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