The Craik-Patton House

One of Charleston, West Virginia’s notable landmarks, the Craik-Patton house is a elegant structure that transports guests back to the 1800’s. Built in 1834 in the American Greek Revival style, Elm Grove, as the house is known in those day, it is the home to Rev. James Craik and his family. The house was originally built in a plot of land along the banks of the Kanawha river that Rev. Craik inherited from Dr. James Craik, the personal physician and close friend of George Washington.

The Craiks moved out of the house in 1846, when the reverend received a calling to preside over the Christ Church in Louisville, Kentucky. The house was sold to Isaac Reed, who lived in the property until it was bought by Colonel George Smith Patton in 1958. It was in this house that George Smith Patton II was born, who was the father of George Patton III, one of World War II’s most outstanding leaders. Colonel Patton died in combat at the 3rd Battle of Winchester, Virginia in 1864, and his widow and children moved to California just as the Civil War was ending.

Through the years, the Craik-Patton House has been neglected and was already slated for demolition. Thanks to the efforts of the National Society of The Colonial Dames of America in the State of West Virginia, the house was carefully restored, and is now a beautiful tribute to West Virginia’s history. From its Virginia Street address, it was moved to Lee Street in the early 20th century, and was later moved into the Daniel Boone Park in the 70’s. The house is open to the public, for a small admission fee. A tour of the house shows artifacts from the era, to reflect the life of its early owners. Aside from the house tours, visitors may also look into the well house, and explore the herb and boxwood gardens. The Craik-Patton House is also host to Civil War encampments and exhibitions of frontier living. Likewise, the house and the grounds are available for weddings and special events.

Craik-Patton House
PO Box 175
Charleston, WV 25321
Phone: 304-925-5341