The Culture Center

Culture CenterThe Cultural Center inside the Capitol Complex has recently been renamed the Culture Center. Following the official name stated in the West Virginia code 29-2-2(e), Kay Goodwin, secretary of the West Virginia Department of Education and the Arts, stated in a press release, “it seemed an appropriate time to return to the history of this beautiful center of West Virginia’s culture while we celebrate its future.”

The Culture Center houses West Virginia’s artistic, Cultural and historic heritage. It’s the venue of several festivals and events throughout the year. This July, you can catch the “Ladies Fashion Dolls of the Nineteenth Century,” and exhibition by Pete Ballard, which is on display until the end of 2009. Also coming up this July is the Appalachian String Band Music Festival. From July 29 to August 2, enjoy live music, particpate in contest or join a workshop as West Virginia masters gather in this 5-day gathering. For more details on these events, visit the Culture Website at