The Wayfinding Commission

Charleston Wayfiding CommissionHave you ever been to a new city and not been able to find your way around? Lots of one way streets (all going in the wrong direction it seems!!), poor signage, no signage, etc.

Charleston West Virginia is one of the easiest cities to navigate because of the Wayfinding Commission. This commission, which has been appointed by the mayor, has been charged with the responsibility of making the city an easier place to get around. This has been done with the creation of directional signs to major destinations. Whether it’s how to get to local schools, shops or other places of interests, the Wayfinding Commission has made it easy for locals and visitors to find their way around.

The next time you are looking for the West Virginia State Capitol, Charleston Town Center Mall or George Washington High School, or any of the other featured destinations, just look for the wayfinding signs (which include the logo as seen in the picture) and follow the arrows.

The Wayfinding Commission also is in charge of promoting and regulating all banners throughout the city to promote specific areas and special events.

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