The Yeager Airport

Charleston Yeager AirportCharleston’s gateway to the world, the Yeager Airport is a sprawling 767 acres property. The domestic port is a hub for airlines that fly nonstop to various cities across the United States. Among the airlines that serves Yeager airport are Continental, Delta, Northwest, United, and US Airways.

The airport is built on the hilltops in the area surrounding Charleston after engineers and city planners realized that Wertz Field (an airfield that had been functioning as an airport for 12 years) was deemed to be unfit for the growing community. The field had no possibility for expansion, and therefore could not handle the increasing demands placed upon it by larger airplanes and more traffic. No other suitable site could be found, so engineers removed almost ten million cubic yards of rock from the top of a mountain, using 2 million pounds of dynamite.

The then-known Kanawha Airport was built in 1947, costing as much as 8 million dollars. Like any good airport, almost constant improvement projects keep the crews busy just about year-round. Some of the current and ongoing projects eclipse the original cost of the airport by a factor of three! Runway improvement, taxiway construction, and upgrades to the terminals themselves are necessary to maintaining a viable and competitive facility.

Yeager Airport remains to be one of the most passenger friendly airports in the US, with its convenient parking, a short drive from downtown Charleston, and close proximity to the intersection of three major interstates. Airlines that fly in an out of Yeager Airport flies to Detroit, Chicago, Cincinnati, Washington DC, Charlotte, Atlanta, Houston and Myrtle Beach.

Yeager Airport
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