Three Ways to Beat Charleston’s Summer Heat

With temperatures in Charleston already reaching a searing 90 degrees, here are three great ways to beat the heat!

1) Bring an umbrella.

You may get some funny looks at first — after all, why bring an umbrella with you if it’s not raining? However, umbrellas or parasols were originally meant to provide shade during hot summer days — not as rain gear. So if you find yourself headed out in the blistering heat, bring an umbrella along to keep cool and prevent heat stroke.

2) Drink lots of water.

You sweat a lot more on hot summer days, making your body dehydrated — even dangerously so. Do not forget to keep hydrated to replace all that lost water and minerals. And don’t just reach for any liquid like a soda or an iced mocha — drink water or fruit juice which will be absorbed by your body faster, keeping your entire body cool in the summer heat.

3) Indulge in an icy treat.

Cold treats like shaved ices or sorbets will help cool you down without the calories found in ice creams and milkshakes. They are also cheaper, and you can ever make them yourself! For shaved ice: grab a couple of ice cubes, run them through your blender using the Crush function, spoon into a cup and drizzle with shaved ice syrup. For sorbets: pour fruit juice into an ice tray and let freeze, once frozen tip the fruit juice ice cubes into your blender and hit Crush, then spoon into cups and serve.