Volunteers Needed for Read Aloud

Read Aloud, a West Virginia nonprofit with the goal of improving child literacy, is looking for volunteers for its reading program. The group, which has been around for more than twenty years, recruits volunteers to visit classrooms, day-care centers, and after-school programs to read to children.

Read Aloud merges community involvement from authors, local libraries, parents, and schoolteachers. They feature an Author of the Month, and partner with local schools so teacher lesson plans incorporate the author’s work into the curriculum.

Parents can also come to the schools to read a featured book of the month to students, and one of the featured authors even used Skype to talk to students about her book.

“If you read well, life is generally easier and better for you,” said Dawn Miller, chairwoman of Read Aloud and editorial page editor of The Charleston Gazette. “When I first started with Read Aloud 18 years ago, I thought the goal was for kids to learn how to read, but over time, I came to realize how much the kids get out of sitting and listening to a good book.”

To volunteer to Read Aloud, call 304.345.5212.