West Virginia Governor’s Mansion

Also known as the Executive Mansion, this stately building is the residence of the incumbent WV governor and family. Built in 1925, it was designed by Walter F. Martens, who studied and coordinated closely with Architect Cass Gilbert, who designed the West Virginia Capitol Building.

The Executive Mansion that stands in Charleston’s Capitol Complex today is actually the second West Virginia Executive Mansion. The first one was purchased in 1893, and was located in downtown Charleston. The new mansion was finished during Governor Morgan’s time, and he and his family was also the first to occupy it. To date, thirteen Governors have lived in the new Governor’s Mansion.

Like West Virginia’s Capitol Building, the Governor’s Mansion has strong Greek influences. Six towering Corinthian columns support the central portico, where the mansion’s main entrance is. The Governor’s opulent residence is built mostly with red Harvard bricks, inlaid with Flemish bond. The mansion also features several balconies in the second floor, and a porch in the east wing of the house opens out.

The ground floor of the mansion is comprised of state rooms, filled with fine antiques and elegant furnishings. Visitors to the mansion are greeted with a black and white marbled floor, flanked on both sides by two Georgian staircases — pattered after the White House.

The upper floors serve as the Governor’s private residence. There are eight bedrooms and four baths in the second floor, including private quarters for the Governor, and a family room. Two additional bedrooms are enclosed in the third floor.

Tours of the Executive Mansion are available for visitors every Thursday and Friday between 9:30 am-11:30 am. For tour information and reservations, please call (304) 558-4839.

Governor’s Mansion
1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East
Charleston, WV 25305
Phone: 304-558-3809
Toll-free: 800-CALL-WVA