Where to find clean water in Charleston

waterLast week’s chemical spill had Charleston residents scrambling and getting their hands on any clean water water that they can find. Schools closed and business has halted as a result.

If you are running low on water supplies, here’s how you can find clean water in Charleston, WV: wvfindwater.com. The site show a map of Charleston and the surrounding area, with markers showing where you can get clean water for general use, laundromats, places where you can have a shower, as well as restaurant and food shops. You can also filter the markers to only show the type of establishment you need most.

The site is continuously updated, so if you want to receive updates when there’s a new location in your area, you can give them your cell number to receive a text alert on your phone.

If you are a business owner or know about a new place that is not yet included in the website, you can share your information by sending it to wvfindwater@gmail.com.