Wild Mushrooms Discussion

mushroomAs Autumn come in full force, mushrooms pop out all over. These seasonal mushrooms are sought after by gourmands who appreciate the fine flavors these fungi add to dishes or on its own.

Wild mushrooms can be found in the woods and meadows, and though spotting these tiny morsels is cause for celebration, it is important to remember that not all wild mushrooms are edible, and some are in fact poisonous.

To educate would be foragers, The West Virginia Mushroom Club is hosting a discussion on September 28, 2013 at the Dunbar Branch Library. Included in the session are knowing how to identify wild mushroom, and finding out which ones are poisonous and which are good to eat. Discussion starts at 11:30 am.

The West Virginia Mushroom Club aims to promote fellowship and communication among people who are interested in mushroom and fungi. The club is open to all, from casual observers to experts. To know more about the WV Mushroom Club, visit their website at wvmushroomclub.org.

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