WV Libraries Now Offering Digital Content

In recent years, West Virginia librarians have launched ventures in electronic media that offer library users more options and more hours of access.

Across the state, three consortiums of libraries offer patrons a large number of electronic offerings, which include e-books, e-videos, e-music and e-audio books. The three are WV-READS (Regional Electronic Audiovisual Download Service), WVDELI (West Virginia Digital Entertainment Library Initiative), and Listen Eastern West Virginia.

Today, young readers are used to downloading reading material to their phones and computers. Older readers are now adopting e-readers like the Kindle because they can adjust the type and make it easier to read.

“We are the information brokers,” said Pamela Coyle, director of the Martinsburg-Berkeley County Public Library.

“We need to keep current on how people want to receive their technology. Now you can actually sample what the library has without physically coming into the library,” Coyle said.

“The convenience is really popular with library patrons,” she said.o offer.