Interview: Stefanie Rossman

How long have you been living in Charleston, and why did you decide to settle in this city?

I came to Charleston for college; I attend the University of Charleston. I am a sophomore this year, so I lived in Charleston all of last year. I live in Charleston approximately eight months out of the year.

How do you find the general vibe of Charleston?

Charleston is a very laid-back, welcoming city. The people are very friendly and genuinely nice. It has a southern comfort-vibe while still maintaining the high-energy of a northern city.

Which season is Charleston at its best?

The surrounding area of Charleston is beautiful in the fall when the leaves are changing colors. The days are warm and sunny while the nights are cool and comfortable. Charleston is a beautiful and inviting place to watch summer fade into fall.

What do you think is Charleston’s biggest attraction?

The city of Charleston sells itself. It offers lots of opportunity to everyone. There are many businesses operate in the city and attract people. There are established traditions like the regattas and shows along the lake, the West Virginia Power baseball games, and University of Charleston football games. With Charleston being the capital of the state, there are many projects and events that take place in the city. There is also much room for improvement and growth as city continues to build itself up.

How would you describe Charleston to someone who hasn’t been here before?

Charleston is a beautiful, friendly city that is a safe and genuinely great place to live and do business. It is a combo of business and home. It’s a great place to live in a beautiful area. There are many fun things to do and things to see.

What are your top 5 dining places in Charleston?

Aside from every chain restaurant you could ever want to eat at, there are many places to dine at in Charleston. The Barge is a combination of grill and bar with a separate fine-dining restaurant. It is located directly on the river so boats can dock right on the deck next to diners. It’s a great place for a summer night and has the best chicken wings in town. Blossom Deli and Soda Fountain is a cute retro diner located downtown. It has a large menu with classic food for everyone, and the milkshakes are handmade. Fazio’s is a great place for authentic Italian food and atmosphere. A fun place to go is The Athletic Club, a sports bar & grill located in the Embassy Suites building downtown. The restaurant has four large projection screens that show all the games. Laury’s Restaurant is an upscale, fine-dining restaurant that has great food and service.

What are Charleston’s attractions that every tourists must visit?

Downtown Charleston is a gorgeous place to stroll around and shop. The Town Center Mall is a very nice mall that has a variety of stores. The capitol building and surrounding business area is a good sightseeing site.

What are the absolute must-try’s for every visitor in Charleston?

If a tourist can time it right, the regatta is an energetic, fun weekend and the West Virginia Power games are always a good time too.

What are the cheap thrills that you can enjoy in Charleston?

From time to time there are always free shows and fairs downtown and along the river. Many of the University of Charleston athletic games are free to community members. During the summer, every Thursday is buck night at the West Virginia Power games.

Stefanie RossmanA sophomore at the University of Charleston, Stefaniee Rossman plays for the Lady Golden Eagles Softball Team. She is a full-time student, studying Sports Administration. She hopes to work for a professional baseball team in the future. Stefanie is currently working part-time at a clothing store, and volunteers in the UC athletic department. She is originally from Cleveland, Ohio