Interview: Kathleen Walker

How long have you been living in Charleston, and why did you decid to settle in this city?

45 years

How do you find the general vibe of Charleston?

Calm and caring

Which season is Charleston at its best?


What do you think is Charleston’s biggest attraction?

River City

How would you describe Charleston to someone who hasn’t been here before?

Beautiful river valley with wonderful people and places.

What are your top 5 dining places in Charleston?

The Blossom, Sohos, Ichiban, Tidewater and Lolas

What are Charleston’s attractions that every tourists must visit?

The Capital, Clay Center, and the Boulevard, Appalachian Power Park

What are the absolute must-try’s for every visitor in Charleston?

Don’t think we have one.

What are the cheap thrills that you can enjoy in Charleston?

Festivall, Vandalia, Mountain Stage, Walk along boulevard, Chili Fest, Symphony Sunday, Appalachian Power Park!

Born and raised in Charleston, Kathleen Walker, is glad she has chosen to stay here and raise her family. She works as a consultant.