Interview: Shannon Moran

How long have you been living in Charleston, and why did you decide to settle in this city?

Charleston, West Virginia has been my hole in the wall for four years now. Believe it or not, I was recruited to this little state and it must have been fate that led me here. The word “settle” is too confining, lets just say I am becoming acclimated into the lifestyle of an Appalachian dudette.

How do you find the general vibe of Charleston?
BiG tOwN LiTtLe CiTy

Which season is Charleston at its best?

Personally, I am more inclined to say Fall is the loveliest season to stroll the downtown streets and walk along the Kanawha Blvd. However, Summer provides countless opportunities for families and friends to interact. They can view movies on Magic Island. Go watch a Power game. Enjoy a match of tennis at Coonskin. It should also be noted that Charleston does in fact have a river – the Kanawha (and Elk, which is less appealing in color, but nonetheless a river) – a fantastic Summertime attraction for family fun ranging from fishing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, water tubing, so on and so forth, etc, etc.

What do you think is Charleston’s biggest attraction?

The Kanawha River

How would you describe Charleston to someone who hasn’t been here before?

Extremely mountainous. Seriously, we go through a lot brakes and tires. But it is worth it. I’ve lived in both San Diego and Murfreesboro, Tn throughout my life and neither places were as mountainous as Charleston. However, neither places were as beautiful as Charleston. Recently I went home to visit family over the holidays in NV and it made me realize how alive our state really is.

What are your top 5 dining places in Charleston?

Los Agaves, Cilantros, First Watch, Blossom, Blue Grass Kitchen

What are Charleston’s attractions that every tourists must visit?

The Mound, Sunrise Trail, Walk the blvd at sunset or sunrise, Mountain Stage (at least once)

What are the absolute must-try’s for every visitor in Charleston?

Same as above

What are the cheap thrills that you can enjoy in Charleston?

Same as above. Adding – spending a day at Coonskin park, Kanawha State Forrest, Fishing, YMCA, Hiking, pick a tree – climb a tree – hug a tree

Shannon Moran is originally from San Diego, CA. She currently works as a Legal Secretary for Jackson Kelly PLLC and lives in the surrounding Charleston area, with a somewhat positive outlook about her place of residence. Shannon appreciates the little things in life the most, especially her little daughter.