Dem2 Brothers and A Grill

Stand at the corner of Virginia Street West and Central Avenue, and you’ll get a whiff of the most delectable smell of meat grilling. That’s wafting from Dem2 Brothers and A Grill, a barbecue place by former football player Adrian “Bay” Wright.

The Charleston native recently came back and set up shop at the Five Corners, grilling pork ribs and shoulders and basting them with his special sauce. Though it’s only a concession stand at the moment, people are really lining up to pick up lunch and dinner orders. A bar and grill is set to open in June at the red brick building across the Five Corners intersection.

Dem2 Brothers and A Grill
Virginia Street West corner Central Avenue
Charleston, WV
Hours: 10 am to 6 pm
Monday through Saturday
Phone: (304) 550-4431