Light Up Your Tastebuds at Little India

Indian cuisine is vibrant and zesty, noted for its extensive use of spices and herbs, on a wide selection of vegetables and meats (including beef, lamb, poultry and seafood). Due to the size of the country and the number of regional groups living in different areas, not just the ingredients but also the cooking techniques vary from place to place.

Little India in Charleston’s East End (at 1604 Washington St., East Charleston, to be exact) brings a little bit of everything to your plate. Featuring dishes from both Northern and Southern India, the restaurant has a wide array of meat and vegetarian appetizers, sides, and entrees as well as exotic Indian desserts and beverages.

The cooks at Little India will spice your food according to your request, so everything is flavored to perfection and there are no fiery “mishaps”. The organic meats used in Little India’s beef and lamb dishes are carefully selected and lovingly cooked. Meanwhile, their vegetarian dishes are so delicious that even card-carrying meat-eaters are sure to love them.

For starters, try the Vegetable Samosa or the Vegetable Pakora – light and crispy and just enough to whet your appetite. Then you can move on to some hearty entrees such as Tandoori Chicken, Fish Tikka, or Beef Korma – big enough for two! You can also pair your entrees with Tadka Dhaal (sautéed lentil soup) and freshly steamed Basmati Rice. Lastly, you can round out your meal with some Kulfi – Indian ice cream, or Mango Lassi – mango and yoghurt shake.

The service at Little India is stellar. Even when all of Charleston seems to be waiting for a table (the dinner rush starts at around five in the afternoon), the staff still does an amazing job making sure everyone is taken care of. Little India provides a great over-all dining experience, so be sure to check it out when you want to satisfy your craving for something different.