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Little India Opens in Charleston’s East End

20 October 2010 858 views 2 Comments

Craving for authentic Indian curries, tandoori chicken, and naan bread? Look no further than Charleston’s very own East End, for a little taste of India on your plate.

Harish and Meena Anada have opened their restaurant Little India at 1604 Washington St. East, and will be ready to serve adventurous diners and local gourmands starting Saturday (October 16, 2010) at 11:00 AM. If this local Indian couple sounds familiar, the Anadas also own International Groceries and Spices in Kanawha City and Morgantown.

Indian cuisine is unique from other world cuisines with its use of various spices, herbs, and vegetables. Meats are very rarely used in cooking – if at all, and each region in India has its own set of acceptable and taboo meats, depending on religion. Spice is a must at all times – whether mild and sweet or fiery hot, and it is this feisty flavor that attracts many people to Indian food.

Little India offers both North India and South India regional delicacies – such as vegetable pakora and samosa, beef korma, aloom ghobi or fried cauliflower, and chicken vindaloo. The restaurant also offers a delicious variety of salads, side dishes, and desserts for a well-rounded Indian meal.

Little India gave Charleston natives a sneak peek of their menu last Thursday night with an open buffet, absolutely for free. About 150 guests came to the restaurant to have their fill of authentic Indian cuisine – including naan bread, basmati rice, chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, and vegetable sambar.

The Anadas were delighted that so many people came to the menu tasting, and were thrilled by the support they’ve been receiving from the Charleston community. “I’m so excited,” said Meena Anada. “Everything looks so pretty and everyone is saying that the food is really tasty.”

The couple has received help from East End Main Street, a nonprofit organization spearheaded by the Charleston Area Alliance. The organization provided the Anadas with signage and free interior design assistance.

For their complete menu, visit Little India’s website at littleindiawv.com.

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  • Ann Morris said:

    I was disappointed that the food that I ordered “mild” was very hot. Also, the appetizer was delivered to our table cold. One waitress for the entire restaurant seemed overworked.

  • Chuck Bradley said:

    So glad they are here. We no longer have to drive to Huntington get good Indian food. Their food and the flavors are GREAT! They may have had growing pains to begin with, but it was worth it. We drive from Point Pleasant often to enjoy it. The golub jamun dessert is served cold, so ask them to nuke it for you if you like it hot. The wine selection is adequate, you will find some good Australian choices. Never once have we had a problem with service, always has been good.

    The owner makes rounds occasionally and tries to speak with all the tables, which is a good sign that he cares. The have also opened a lounge upstairs and the atmosphere is relaxed, at least when we were there. We met our daughter there and had after dinner drinks up there and were able to talk and visit in comfortable settings.

    I highly recommend giving it a try. Especially the lunch buffet.

    Best Regards.