Ms. Groovy’s Cafe

quesadillaYou went to a party in Charleston, WV and had the tastiest quesadilla you’ve ever tried, or you’ve been to a business conference where you had a healthy, but yummy breakfast. Chances are, they’ve been catered by Ms. Groovy’s Cafe and Catering.

A Charleston institution, the catering company has opened a cafe where you can enjoy hearty meals of fresh salads and homemade breads. Lunch and dinner specials are available daily, starting at $8.

Catering packages vary from filling breakfasts to power lunches, to special summer menus featuring traditional recipes onboard the The Spirit of West Virginia. You can even take them outdoors with you, with their special Groovy Picnics.

Menus and catering packages are available online at their website,

Ms. Groovy’s Cafe
709 W. Washington St
Charleston, WV
Hours: Tuesday – Friday 11 to 7pm, Saturday Noon to 5pm
Phone: (304) 400-4829
Wi-Fi available.