Quarrier Diner Reopens Its Doors

The newly renovated Quarrier Diner reopens its doors after over a decade, to serve Charleston locals their diner favorites and them some. Quarrier Diner is open from 11 AM to 2 PM and from 5 PM to 10 PM Monday through Thursday and up to 11 PM Friday and Saturday. Call 304-343-5686 for reservations and inquiries.

The new owners Anna and David Pollitt restored the Art Nouveau building to resemble its original facade. They also added modern touches like flat screen tvs, iPad menus, and other cool features.

The main dining room features a menu developed by Chef Tony Henderson, who developed the menu with extensive input from the Pollitts. The new Quarrier Diner menu includes signature dishes as well as family favorites. Henderson has his roots in Charleston, and developed his unique culinary vision in Southern California. He worked at the Charleston Marriott and Embassy Suites and at all three of the restaurants by Chef Bill Sohovich.

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