Roxalana Grill in Dunbar

989039_baguette_1There’s a new burger joint in town, and though it may look like they’re serving familiar fare, look again as the ingredients may surprise you.

The Roxalana Grill, owned by police officers, Tim and Autumn Davis, features an eclectic menu, with dishes like cheeseburger with bourbon sauce, bleu cheese and jalapeƱo peppers; Rattlesnake pasta, and wings with mango pineapple sauce.

Though the couple man the restaurant in between their shifts at the Charleston Police Department, they have the Zayeeds, Abdul and Fatima, creating and cooking in the kitchen.

The Roxalana Grill is on 2059 Roxalana Road in Dunbar, WV, open from 11 in the morning until 9 in the evening.