South Hills Market and Cafe

saladConsidered as one of Charleston’s best kept secrets, South Hills Market and Cafe continues to charm each diner that passes through its doors. Serving breakfast, lunch dinner, there’s always something to enjoy in this cafe.

Breakfast at South Hills include “build your own omelet” that lets you customize your omelet to your liking. Lunch feature hearty soups, sandwiches and wraps that is filling and fits perfectly with the hour-long lunch break of Charleston residents. Dinner is upscale casual French cuisine with a smattering of American favorites. There is a large selection of wines and beers to go with your entree of choice.

South Hills Market and Cafe brings cosmopolitan dining in Charleston. It’s a perfect choice when you’re looking for a great value for money meals.

South Hills Market and Cafe
1010 Bridge Rd. Charleston, WV 25314.
Phone: (304) 345-2585
Fax: (304)345-2587

Monday: 7am – 2pm
Tuesday: 7am – 5pm (No dinner service Tuesdays)
Wednesday – Friday: 7am to 11pm
Saturday: 8am – 11pm
Closed Sundays