The Plant Lab

cherryThe people behind the vegan café Mission Savvy have expanded to a new location just down the road at 807 Quarrier Street in Charleston, WV.

The Plant Lab offer classes, teaches how to prepare and replicate the meals they enjoy at Mission Savvy. They also learn why each ingredient is important, and how to properly handle and care for them. Each class lasts two and a half hours to three hours, and costs between $60 and $70. Classes include Café Cheeses, Café Crackers, Café Breads, juicing, and raw vegan desserts.

Aside from the classes, The Plant Lab is also the place to buy ingredients not readily available in supermarkets, or equipment used in the lab.

As the raw and living food lifestyle become more popular in Charleston, Mission Savvy’s Jennifer Miller also offer one-, three-, and five-day cleanses, where interested parties can sign up and get specially prepared meals daily.