A weekend of Cars and Chili

Car lovers are in for a treat this weekend in Charleston, WV, as the seventh annual Rod Run & Doo Wop comes round again. The car show will be spread out from the Haddad Riverfront Park all the way to Kanawha Boulevard.

Over a thousand cars are expected this year, with more than 500 already pre-registered. More are expected to come this weekend. Activities for this weekend includes an automotive swap meet, concerts, boat cruises, engine build, model car shows, and many more.

For the full schedule of activities, visit the Charleston Boulevard Rod Run and Doo Wop website.

Chili afficionados are also in for a treat with the 46th World’s Championship Chili Cookoff happening at the Magic Island. Titles up for battle are for the best Chili, Chili Verde, Salsa, and Homestyle, as well as Shoot-n-Holler, Miss Chili Pepper, and Mr. Hot Sauce, with the top prize going up to $25,000. For details, visit the International Chili Society at www.chilicookoff.com.