So, why Charleston?

The question asked in the name of this web site is Why Charleston WV. Yesterday (Tuesday, January 27th, 2009) was a great reminder of why Charleston is such a great place to live

I had a 9 AM meeting with Bill Gardner, one of the fine people behind and When I went outside, I saw the beautiful snowy landscapes around Charleston.

Snow in Charleston, WV

After leaving this meeting, I went to Taylor Books to purchase the latest book by Malcolm Gladwell (Outliers, which, if it’s half as good as Tipping Point and Blink will be great) and had some hot chocolate.

From Taylor Books, I went to Capitol Market to get some fresh meat from Johnnies Fresh Meat Market and then over to The Purple Onion for some fresh fruit and vegetables.

After leaving Capitol Market, I went to the Art Emporium to look at their feature of 40 colorful and creative masterpieces from children and youth from The East End Family Resource Center. If you haven’t seen this exhibit, it’s worth seeing the works of our youth.

From the Art Emporium, I started to walk home and 4 different people offered me rides along the way (I knew one of the people but the others were simply kind people offering a ride to someone in bad weather).

When I got home, I thought about it a bit and realized that there aren’t many other places where I could walk to these types of places in a short period of time, encounter many wonderful people, purchase things from locally owned businesses and have complete strangers offer rides.

When people ask me “Why Charleston?” my answer is, “until someone can show me other places with similar shops, opportunities and people, why would I consider anywhere else?”

Lawrence Fine