Colleges in or Near Charleston

University of CharlestonStudents wishing to attend a college within West Virginia will find a variety of attractive optiosn in or around Charleston. Whether they’re looking for a university or a technical school, they’re sure to find what they need.

The University of Charleston, located on the beautiful Kanawah River, is a great option for students wanting to attend school in a downtown area. The school has a variety of specialized programs available, and more than 90 percent of students receive some sort of financial aid.

The University has a student population of around 1,200 students, making it small and intimate and allowing students an excellent opportunity to get to know their instructors and each other. BA and BS programs, Associates’ Degrees, and even a Doctoral Pharmacy program are available. Admissions are competitive, so if you’re interested in this school, consider applying early.

The University of Charleston has a wide variety of extracurricular activities available, as well. Sports programs, clubs, and service organizations are available. The school also has an active Greek life, for students wishing to join a fraternity or sorority. Students will find plenty to do in the small, but active, community as well, whether participating in a fundraiser or kicking back at the local pub.

WVU’s Institute of Technology is located in Montgomery, WV, just a short jaunt away from Charleston. The school also has campuses in Bekeley, Huntington, Oak Hill, and Charleston. Tech is a four year school, offering programs in engineering, nursing, life sciences, computer sciences, and more. This technical school offers small class sizes and competitive technological programs and courses, giving students who plan to enter a technical field a clear advantage.

The small school has a student body of around 2,500 – making it perfect for students seeking small, cozy environment. With a staff to student ratio of 1:16, students are almost guaranteed personal attention. More than half of the students are also eligible for some sort of financial aid, making WVU Tech an affordable option.

The school has an active student population – boasting five fraternities, one sorority, and seven professional and honor societies. There is also a student newspaper, band, drama, student government, and more for those students who seek extracurricular activities. Varsity and intermural sports are also available for both men and women.

If you’re looking for a small, local college or university, you can’t go wrong with the schools in the Charleston area. Students can get their education while enjoying the culture and night life that downtown Charleston has to offer. Both schools are easily accessibly by highway or bus, making them excellent options for local commuters, as well.

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