First Presbyterian Church

First Presbyterian Church, Charleston West VirginiaOffering blended services of contemporary and traditional music and hymns every Sunday, the First Presbyterian Church on Leon Sullivan Way is just one of the Presbyterian churches in Charleston, West Virginia. Sunday morning services are at 8:30am and 11:00am, which is broadcasted live over WCHS-AM 580. The church provides childcare during worship in the Education building right next to the church. The people providing the childcare are volunteers of the church, and all the members of the church are encouraged to volunteer.

The First Presbyterian Church also provides Christian education for its congregation. Starting at a young age, there are fun activities for children that teaches about the Christian faith. There is even a pre-school program that is dedicated tot he promotion of sound physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual growth of children in their formative years. The three fundamental principles of the First Presbyterian Preschool Program are:

  • First, we believe a child’s self-image is the most important ingredient in the learning process.
  • Second, we believe each child is a unique creation in his or her abilities, interests, and feelings.
  • Third, we believe that play is vital to a child’s learning. It is the medium of self-expression and the way each child organizes and makes sense of the world.

Though the church advocates bringing children to the church to worship and learn about Christianity, they prefer children to be at an age to understand and learn about the holy communion before partaking in this sacrament. To prepare children for this, a special short-term class is held, called the Preparation for communion.

Adults also have a choice of Sunday morning church school. There are classes on learning about the Bible, faith and Christ, which is basic to being Presbyterian. These calsses are offered every Sunday morning, in between the two Sunday morning worship. New members to the church and visitors are welcome to attend any of these Sunday schools.

The First Presbyterian Church
16 Leon Sullivan Way
Charleston, West Virginia 25301
Phone: (304) 343-8961
Fax: (304) 343-8970