Introduction to Mountain Biking

369994_mud_mtbLooking to try a new outdoor activity? Why not try mountain biking? Vice President of the WV Mountain Bike Association Kim Coram will be holding a weekend course at the North Bend State Park.

The two-day workshop is consisted of four separate classes, starting from the basics: knowing if your bike is the right fit for you, how to tune-up your bike, learning to use your gears, setting your cadence, and applying brakes properly.

The intro class will be followed by an intro to mountain biking skills class, which will teach basic mountain biking skills, and include drills for maneuvering over obstacles, weight distribution, etc.

The third class will be conducted on a single track mountain bike trail inside the park. This is the student’s chance to test and practice their new skills, while the fourth will be on basic engineering of trail development.

The course costs $30, and while participants are encouraged to join all the classes, it is not mandatory. For more information about the course, call the North Bend State Park at (304) 643-2931.