West Virginia Jobs Investment Trust Board

tie-690084_640Are you looking to grow your enterprise? The West Virginia Jobs Investment Trust is here to help.

A public venture capital fund, the WV JIT aims to develop, promote, and expand West Virginia’s economy through accessible investment funds for eligible businesses to stimulate economic growth and provide jobs within the state.

This is an enticing option for businesses in its early stages, later stage, and even mature small companies looking to expand. The Jobs Investment Trust will be a minority investor, and will not be involved in the operations of the portfolio companies, rather, it will be most active in the upper management level.

WV JIT can help companies develop corporate strategies, recruit additional management personnel, and arrange for additional infusions of capital.

Companies currently in JIT’s portfolio comes from various industries, from manufacturing, research, and technology.

To more more about the West Virginia Jobs Investment Trust, visit their website at www.wvjit.org.