Interview: Sarah Stricker

How long have you been living in Charleston, and why did you decide to settle in this city?
I have lived in Charleston my whole life. I went away to college, but I always knew I would end up in Charleston. No other place in the world is like Charleston – it’s home!

How do you find the general vibe of Charleston?
It all depends on the day and what I feel like getting into. It can be laid-back on a sunny day walking around the Capitol or high energy out at the bars on Capitol Street.

Which season is Charleston at its best?
Definitely fall. The hills around town are full of beautiful colors as the trees change and the temperature is perfect for getting outside and relaxing with friends and family.

What do you think is Charleston’s biggest attraction?
It has to be the Capitol grounds. I love taking my puppy down there to walk around and explore and watch the squirrels play.

How would you describe Charleston to someone who hasn’t been here before?
City with a small-town feel. There are large buildings, interstates, and the cultural opportunities of a big city along side of people who smile at you and say hello, parks for hiking and playing, and a river for relaxing by or in.

What are your top 5 dining places in Charleston?
Vandalia Grille, Blossom Deli, Capitol Market, Ellen’s Ice Cream, Graziano’s

What are Charleston’s attractions that every tourists must visit?
The Capitol Grounds and the shops on and around Capitol Street, that will give them a real feel for what Charleston is and has to offer.

What are the absolute must-try’s for every visitor in Charleston?
Ice cream at Ellen’s, pizza from Graziano’s, lettuce wraps from Vandalia Grille

What are the cheap thrills that you can enjoy in Charleston?
The Cultural Center, walk around the Capitol grounds and buildings, all of the festivals in the area in the Summertime, Coonskin Park (go feed the ducks!)

About Sarah Stricker:

Sarah StrickerI was born and raised in Charleston and can’t imagine living anywhere else. After graduating from Charleston Catholic, I went to Virginia Tech where I received my undergraduate degree in Engineering Science and Mechanics. I then returned to West Virginia where I received my Masters in Control System Engineering from WVUTech. A few months after finishing my Master’s Degree, I began working at Diamond Electric in Eleanor. It is a great Japanese-based company that manufactures ignition coils for Toyota, Chrysler, and Ford and I actually enjoy coming to work! I have been able to travel all over the United States and to Mexico and Japan with work but always look forward to coming home to Charleston. Over the past 5 years, I have stayed active with my sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, serving as Chapter Advisor to the chapter at Marshall University. I am now very involved with the Junior League of Charleston.

The Junior League is a wonderful organization of women working together to train volunteers and address women and children’s issues. I have enjoyed serving as Cookbook Chair and Ways and Means Vice President and am now serving as President-Elect. I am VERY excited for our fun fall family festival, Pumpkins in the Park, which will be held on October 10th in Charleston. Keep checking our website for more information on this great event and to learn more about the great things that the Junior League of Charleston has done and continues to do to improve the Charleston area. I hope to see you at Pumpkins in the Park on October 10th!