Butter It Up!

coffee-545102_1280While some people might be shying away from the merest mention of butter, there are those that welcome it with welcome arms, and are even putting it in their coffee.

Butter It Up recently opened in Charleston, WV, a coffee shop and health food store. Founded by nutritionist and health-buff Jeremy Mullins, it’s place where people can get great coffee that can give them the energy boost they need in the morning. The coffee shop uses organic grass fed butter for their concoction, and it is mixed with coconut oil.

Those looking for quick bites can also drop by the shop to get healthier alternative to fast food. The shop proudly supports the local economy, sourcing many of their products and ingredients from local farmers who grow organic produce and meats.

Butter It Up
700 Virginia Street East
Charleston, WV
Hours: Monday-Friday 7am – 4pm
Phone: (304) 362-6730
Facebook: facebook.com/butteritupcrw